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16U Super 32

Super 32 A Bracket
Texas Glory-Adkins Gold 8
1st in SA   Texas Glory-Adkins Gold 5
Game: (A1)
Friday 8:00am Christopher 1
1st in SA  
Fury Softball 16U 2  
4th in FB   Firecrackers Blanco 5
Game: (A7)
Friday 12:00pm Christopher 1
2nd in FD  
Firecrackers Blanco 4      
2nd in FD   Firecrackers Blanco 15  
Game: (A2)
Friday 8:00am Christopher 2
2nd in FD    
Teamsmith- Greg 0   Firecrackers Blanco    
3rd in SC  
Game: (A11)
Saturday 4:00pm Christopher 3
2nd in FD  
Impact Gold Guy 14    
1st in FA   Impact Gold Guy 3    
Game: (A3)
Friday 10:00am Christopher 1
1st in FA      
Strike Zone - Ford 1      
4th in SB   Impact Gold Guy 4  
Game: (A14)

Game: (A8)
Friday 12:00pm Christopher 2
1st in FA    
Gold Coast Hurricanes-DeFelice 10      
2nd in SD   Gold Coast Hurricanes-DeFelice 1    
Game: (A4)
Friday 10:00am Christopher 2
2nd in SD   Impact Gold Guy 8    
TC Stars Red 6 Loser A11        
3rd in FC        
Gold Coast Hurricanes-DeFelice 0   Teamsmith- Greg  
Loser A8   Teamsmith- Greg 9  
Game: (A13)
Saturday 8:00pm Christopher 3
Fury Softball 16U 1  
Game: (A10)
Saturday 10:00am Christopher 3
Loser A1   Teamsmith- Greg 7      
Game: (A5)
Saturday 8:00am Christopher 3
  Teamsmith- Greg 9    
Teamsmith- Greg 9  
Game: (A12)
Saturday 4:00pm Christopher 4
Loser A2    
Strike Zone - Ford 7  
Loser A3   Strike Zone - Ford 3  
Game: (A6)
Saturday 8:00am Christopher 4
  Texas Glory-Adkins Gold 1
Team Name 5 Loser 1   (Original Seed) (if first loss)
TC Stars Red 5  
Game: (A9)
Saturday 10:00am Christopher 4
Loser A4 Texas Glory-Adkins Gold 15
Loser A7


Super 32 B Bracket
Texas Impact Gold - Elder 11
1st in SB   Texas Impact Gold - Elder 10
Game: (B1)
Friday 8:00am Christopher 3
1st in SB  
Texas Blaze 16u 3  
4th in FA   Texas Impact Gold - Elder 9
Game: (B7)
Friday 12:00pm Christopher 3
1st in SB  
California Cruisers - AE 2      
2nd in FC   California Cruisers - AE 1  
Game: (B2)
Friday 8:00am Christopher 4
2nd in FC    
The Next Level 0   Texas Impact Gold - Elder    
3rd in SD  
Game: (B11)
Saturday 4:00pm Christopher 1
1st in SB  
Texas Glory - Lutz 0    
1st in FB   Firecrackers Pasco HR 0    
Game: (B3)
Friday 10:00am Christopher 3
4th in SA      
Firecrackers Pasco HR 10      
4th in SA   Oklahoma Diamond Girls 4  
Game: (B14)

Game: (B8)
Friday 12:00pm Christopher 4
3rd in FD    
Texas Bombers NTX 1      
2nd in SC   Oklahoma Diamond Girls 6    
Game: (B4)
Friday 10:00am Christopher 4
3rd in FD   Oklahoma Diamond Girls 6    
Oklahoma Diamond Girls 4 Loser B11        
3rd in FD        
Firecrackers Pasco HR 1   Oklahoma Diamond Girls  
Loser B8   The Next Level 3  
Game: (B13)
Saturday 8:00pm Christopher 1
Texas Blaze 16u 1  
Game: (B10)
Saturday 10:00am Christopher 1
Loser B1   The Next Level 4      
Game: (B5)
Saturday 8:00am Christopher 1
  Texas Glory - Lutz 5    
The Next Level 10  
Game: (B12)
Saturday 4:00pm Christopher 2
Loser B2    
Texas Glory - Lutz 3  
Loser B3   Texas Glory - Lutz 4  
Game: (B6)
Saturday 8:00am Christopher 2
  Texas Glory - Lutz 4
Team Name 2 Loser 1   (Original Seed) (if first loss)
Texas Bombers NTX 2  
Game: (B9)
Saturday 10:00am Christopher 2
Loser B4 California Cruisers - AE 1
Loser B7


Super 32 C Bracket
Midwest Sluggers 96 6
1st in SC   Midwest Sluggers 96 9
Game: (C1)
Friday 2:00pm Christopher 1
1st in SC  
California Lite 3  
4th in FD   Midwest Sluggers 96 1
Game: (C7)
Friday 6:00pm Christopher 1
1st in SC  
Firecrackers Kay 6      
2nd in FB   Firecrackers Kay 1  
Game: (C2)
Friday 2:00pm Christopher 2
2nd in FB    
Texas Fusion McGovern 0   Texas Sudden Impact    
3rd in SA  
Game: (C11)
Saturday 6:00pm Christopher 3
1st in FC  
Texas Sudden Impact 16    
1st in FC   Texas Sudden Impact 7    
Game: (C3)
Friday 4:00pm Christopher 1
1st in FC      
Texas Blaze Red Carillo 3      
4th in SD   Texas Sudden Impact 10  
Game: (C14)

Game: (C8)
Friday 6:00pm Christopher 2
1st in FC    
Michigan Bulldogs 97 3      
2nd in SB   Wichita Mustangs 16 0    
Game: (C4)
Friday 4:00pm Christopher 2
3rd in FA   Midwest Sluggers 96 1    
Wichita Mustangs 16 7 Loser C11        
3rd in FA        
Wichita Mustangs 16 10   Wichita Mustangs 16  
Loser C8   Wichita Mustangs 16 13  
Game: (C13)
Saturday 8:00pm Christopher 4
California Lite 4  
Game: (C10)
Saturday 2:00pm Christopher 3
Loser C1   California Lite 3      
Game: (C5)
Saturday 12:00pm Christopher 3
  Wichita Mustangs 16 11    
Texas Fusion McGovern 3  
Game: (C12)
Saturday 6:00pm Christopher 4
Loser C2    
Texas Blaze Red Carillo 1  
Loser C3   Michigan Bulldogs 97 1  
Game: (C6)
Saturday 12:00pm Christopher 4
  Firecrackers Kay 6
Team Name 9 Loser 1   (Original Seed) (if first loss)
Michigan Bulldogs 97 9  
Game: (C9)
Saturday 2:00pm Christopher 4
Loser C4 Firecrackers Kay 4
Loser C7


Super 32 D Bracket
Gametime Stars 97 4
1st in SD   Midland Magic 96 1
Game: (D1)
Friday 2:00pm Christopher 3
4th in FC  
Midland Magic 96 7  
4th in FC   Northwest Blaze 2
Game: (D7)
Friday 6:00pm Christopher 3
3rd in SB  
Mizuno Storm Beach 5      
2nd in FA   Northwest Blaze 8  
Game: (D2)
Friday 2:00pm Christopher 4
3rd in SB    
Northwest Blaze 11   Tennessee Fury 96    
3rd in SB  
Game: (D11)
Saturday 6:00pm Christopher 1
1st in FD  
Tennessee Fury 96 4    
1st in FD   Tennessee Fury 96 15    
Game: (D3)
Friday 4:00pm Christopher 3
1st in FD      
CA Breeze 98 0      
4th in SC   Tennessee Fury 96 10  
Game: (D14)

Game: (D8)
Friday 6:00pm Christopher 4
1st in FD    
New Era Diamond Girls 0      
2nd in SA   Hawks 16U Judge 0    
Game: (D4)
Friday 4:00pm Christopher 4
3rd in FB   Northwest Blaze 5    
Hawks 16U Judge 9 Loser D11        
3rd in FB        
Hawks 16U Judge 7   Northwest Blaze  
Loser D8   Hawks 16U Judge 9  
Game: (D13)
Saturday 8:00pm Christopher 2
Gametime Stars 97 3  
Game: (D10)
Saturday 2:00pm Christopher 1
Loser D1   Mizuno Storm Beach 5      
Game: (D5)
Saturday 12:00pm Christopher 1
  Hawks 16U Judge 1    
Mizuno Storm Beach 4  
Game: (D12)
Saturday 6:00pm Christopher 2
Loser D2    
CA Breeze 98 8  
Loser D3   CA Breeze 98 0  
Game: (D6)
Saturday 12:00pm Christopher 2
  Midland Magic 96 5
Team Name 0 Loser 1   (Original Seed) (if first loss)
New Era Diamond Girls 0  
Game: (D9)
Saturday 2:00pm Christopher 2
Loser D4 Midland Magic 96 4
Loser D7


Super 32 Championship Bracket
Firecrackers Blanco 8
Winner A11   Firecrackers Blanco 8
Game: (CH1)
Sunday 8:00am Christopher 1
Winner A11  
Northwest Blaze 0  
Winner D13   Firecrackers Blanco 11
Game: (CH5)
Sunday 10:00am Christopher 1
Winner A11  
Texas Impact Gold - Elder 6    
Winner B11   Texas Impact Gold - Elder 2  
Game: (CH2)
Sunday 8:00am Christopher 2
Winner B11    
Wichita Mustangs 16 3    
Winner C13   Firecrackers Blanco
Game: (CH7)
Sunday 12:00pm Christopher 4
16U Super 32 Champions

Texas Sudden Impact 8  
Winner C11   Texas Sudden Impact 8  
Game: (CH3)
Sunday 8:00am Christopher 3
Winner C11    
Oklahoma Diamond Girls 4      
Winner B13   Texas Sudden Impact 0
Game: (CH6)
Sunday 10:00am Christopher 4
Winner C11
Tennessee Fury 96 9  
Winner D11   Tennessee Fury 96 6
Game: (CH4)
Sunday 8:00am Christopher 4
Winner D11
Teamsmith- Greg 0
Winner A13